PersDB 2008

2nd International Workshop on
Personalized Access, Profile Management, and Context Awareness: Databases


Proliferation of database-driven web sites has brought upon a plethora of applications where different notions of user and context information are of paramount importance. Monitoring and trading stock portfolios, blog aggregation and news notification, dataset sharing, weather tracking, and even simple search are just a few examples of applications that can all be personalized based on users' individual or social profiles and can be affected by their operational context, which may include the location, time, and other features of their environment. The trend towards more user-centric, personalized, and context-aware database systems requires new models and techniques able to provide users with the "right information" at the "right time" in the "right place" and may affect database system functionality at several levels. The PersDB 2008 workshop aimed at providing a forum for presentation of the latest research results, new technology developments, and new applications in the areas of personalized access, profile management, and context awareness in database systems. PersDB 2008 is the successor of the PersDL 2007 workshop, and was kindly sponsored by the DELOS Association for Digital Libraries.

The workshop was held in Auckland, New Zealand, on August 23, 2008, in conjunction with the VLDB 2008 Conference. It included 1 keynote talk, 7 paper presentations, and a panel. Letizia Tanca (Politecnico di Milano) gave the keynote talk. Letizia is an expert in context-aware database design, data management for mobile and pervasive systems, and dynamic, semantics-based database integration. In her talk, she analysed the most interesting approaches to context modeling and usage and particularly focused on a context model and a methodology appropriate for data tailoring.

The program committee for this workshop consisted of 22 members and was chaired by Vassilis Christophides (IST-FORTH, Hellas) and Georgia Koutrika (Stanford University, USA). It accepted 7 papers out of 11 submissions.

We would like to thank all the people who have supported and helped in the organization of this workshop: the authors and presenters of the papers, the reviewers for their effort and help in preparing the workshop's program, and the organizers. We would also like to thank Yannis Stavrakas (Institute for the Management of Information Systems, Hellas) for maintaining the workshop's web site and preparing the e-proceedings.

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